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IRS Tax Audits & Appeals

If the IRS uncovers errors when reviewing the tax returns filed by an individual or business, it may perform an audit to gather financial information and determine whether additional taxes are owed. We can provide representation during an audit and help taxpayers determine how to minimize the taxes and penalties they must pay.

IRS Wage Garnishment, Collections & Liens

The IRS has multiple methods of collecting taxes and penalties owed by taxpayers. We can provide assistance for taxpayers who may be subject to IRS levies that seize their assets or garnish their wages, and we can help both individuals and businesses understand their options for addressing and removing tax liens on their property.

Non-Filers of Taxes

Taxpayers who have no filed tax returns as required may face penalties for failure to file. We work with individuals and businesses to address delinquent returns, become compliant with the IRS's requirements, and determine whether penalty abatement may be available.

Delinquent Back Taxes Representation

In addition to owing unpaid taxes, taxpayers will usually be required to pay penalties and interest until the amount owed is paid in full. We can help individuals and businesses determine their best options for paying off back taxes, including determining whether they can receive relief based on reasonable cause.

Business Accounting

In many cases, business-related tax issues occur due to a failure to maintain the proper financial information or meet all reporting requirements. We can provide customized accounting solutions for businesses, helping them manage cash flow and related concerns while ensuring that financial information is easily accessible when filing tax documents.

Tax Return Preparation

Preparing and filing tax returns on an annual basis can often be a complex task, and taxpayers may not be aware of the strategies that can help them minimize their tax burden and avoid audits or other financial issues. We can ensure that all tax returns are filed correctly while ensuring that taxpayers claim all available tax deductions and credits.

Offers in Compromise

When taxpayers owe significant amounts of money to the IRS, they may be able to reduce the total amount they will be required to pay by making a settlement offer. We can help taxpayers provide information to show that they qualify for an offer in compromise while negotiating an appropriate settlement amount.

Divorce Tax Issues

We work with divorcing couples to ensure they understand how the decisions made during their divorce will affect their taxes both at the time of their divorce and in the future. We can also provide representation to spouses who are facing audits or collections by the IRS and determine whether they qualify for innocent spouse relief.

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