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Case Examples & Results

Looking at the specific tax issues that individuals or businesses may face can provide

taxpayers with an understanding of how we can help resolve these concerns.

Read some examples of situations where we have helped our clients address

and resolve issues with the IRS.

Innocent Spouse Relief

A divorcee retained my services to assist with an innocent spouse claim previously denied by the IRS. The IRS's decision was overturned on appeal by our firm, relieving our client of over $1 million in federal tax liability.

Non-Payment of Employment Taxes

A business owner retained us to assist in keeping the IRS from closing its doors due to non-payment of employment taxes. Our firm worked out a viable payment arrangement with the IRS, and the business continues to operate.

IRS Tax Debt Defense

A retired attorney owed the IRS $2.5 million in old tax debt. He and his wife became very ill and feared losing their home and retirement. Our firm saved their home and other assets using the IRS Offer in Compromise Program.

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