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"I was referred to Ed Villanueva by my divorce attorney about 8 or 9 years ago, when the IRS cleaned out my bank account because my ex-husband, who ironically is a public figure in South Texas, had, unbeknownst to me, not paid our taxes for the last 7 years of our marriage. Ed successfully settled my case with the IRS by proving that the back taxes were my ex’s responsibility as outlined in our divorce decree. Thanks to Ed, I was cleared and my money was returned in a timely manner. And, this past year my ex had the audacity to claim my sons who live with me and go to college as his dependents on his tax return. What a surprise when I attempted to file my tax return electronically and it was declined for submission, because my ex had claimed my sons. Once again, Ed went to bat for me with the IRS and within a short period of time, I received my tax refund."

- Teresa


"Trying to resolve issues with the IRS on my own for two years achieved absolutely nothing but continued notices and increasing penalties and interest. Because of poor choices made by another in a previous marriage, I owed tens of thousands of dollars and felt helpless and frustrated in my attempts to find someone in the IRS who would help me. Ed was able to get through to the sources that had the authority to take my case and help resolve what had become a huge financial and mental burden to me. I call it “getting through the maze”. He knew the departments that are not even in our state that needed to be involved. I paid off the IRS with a very workable settlement which was nowhere near what the total potentially could have been. The relief felt is indescribable. No more notices come to my house and I no longer fear the possibility of having my hard earned wages garnished. For anyone facing a similar situation, Ed does have the knowledge of the tax laws and the system to be able to negotiate with the departments and/or individuals that can bring successful conclusion to unresolved tax issues."



"I had several years of compounding tax issues due to deaths in the family. This created a snowball of problems and triggered letters from the IRS wanting to resolve the debt until it came to the point where my property and income were at risk. Mr. Ed Villanueva came to my rescue as I had really nowhere to turn. Dealing with the government would take an expert. Ed was recommended by a friend so I proceeded to contact him and request his advice. Ed was to the point and immediately recognized I needed professional assistance. He was able to contact the government and resolve the big issues that plagued my situation to the point where I could repay my debt . Ed is still working with me as we have unfinished business to yet resolve but the big problems have been fixed and I am off the radar with debt that has been reduced to a workable solution. What I appreciate about working with Ed is that he always answered my emails or calls and never gave up. He is a serious negotiator and cares about his clients. Don’t know where I would have wound up if it was not for his help. As a result of Ed’s support and expert advice I will keep coming back to him by giving him all my tax preparation business in the years to come as well as recommend friends and family to him."

- Bernard

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