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Tax Return Consultant for Individuals and Businesses Serving South Texas

Dealing with taxes can be a nightmare for many people. Taxpayers are required to provide multiple different types of complicated financial information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or state or local tax authorities, and they may worry about making mistakes that could lead to tax audits, penalties, or owing additional taxes. Fortunately, by working with an experienced tax professional, taxpayers can ensure that their tax returns will be prepared and filed correctly.

The tax consulting firm of E. Villanueva & Associates, Inc. provides a variety of tax services for both individual taxpayers and businesses, including tax return preparation. We can help you gather the required information that you will need to provide to the IRS and ensure that all tax forms are filled out and filed correctly. With Mr. Villanueva's 35 years of experience as an IRS agent and tax consultant, he can make sure you meet all requirements when filing your tax returns while maximizing the refunds you will receive or minimizing the taxes you will be required to pay.

Benefits of Working With a Professional Tax Preparer

Individuals and businesses are required to file federal tax returns with the IRS on an annual basis. Since the state of Texas does not have an individual income tax, individual taxpayers will not need to file an annual tax return with the state, but businesses may need to file tax forms with the Texas Comptroller's office related to sales and use tax, franchise tax, or other applicable state taxes.

We can assist individuals and families with gathering the documentation that is needed to file tax returns. These may include W-2 forms that show the wages a person earned in a year or 1099 forms that detail income earned outside of a regular salary, such as dividends from stocks or mutual funds, interest on bank accounts, pension or retirement plan benefits, and income earned as an independent contractor. Receipts and financial statements may be needed for expenses or charitable donations that will be claimed as deductions.

We can also ensure that other types of deductions or tax credits are claimed correctly, including those related to mortgage interest, property taxes, energy-saving home improvements, medical expenses, childcare expenses, educational expenses, and health plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace. With our knowledge of the tax laws, we can ensure that you receive the highest possible refund, and if you will owe taxes to the IRS, we can help you understand your options, including setting up an installment agreement, making an offer in compromise, or determining whether you qualify for innocent spouse relief.

We also help businesses of all sizes and types prepare and file tax returns, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, S-corporations, C-corporations, and limited liability companies (LLCs). We can ensure that all taxes that may apply to a business are properly addressed, including income taxes, corporate taxes, payroll taxes, self-employment taxes, and excise taxes, which may include environmental taxes, communications taxes, air transportation taxes, fuel taxes, taxes on wagering, or taxes related to the use of large trucks or buses. In addition to ensuring that tax forms are filed properly, we can assist with tax planning to help a business determine the advantages of claiming profits or losses in different tax years.

Contact a South Texas Tax Return Preparation Consultant

Whether you need to file tax returns as an individual, married couple, or business, the Tax Liability Consultants of San Antonio and South Texas can provide the help you need. We will explain how any recent changes to federal or state tax laws will affect you, and we will make sure your taxes are done correctly while also helping you address any issues related to delinquent back taxes or failure to file tax returns in previous years. Contact us by calling 210-382-9015 to arrange a complimentary consultation today. We provide tax help throughout South Texas and the areas surrounding The Alamo City, including San Antonio and Corpus Christi.

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