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Help With Failure to Pay Taxes from an Enrolled Tax Agent in Corpus Christi and South Texas

Being contacted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be frightening, especially if a taxpayer has unpaid taxes. Taxpayers will likely be worried about what the IRS can do to collect what is owed, as well as whether they will be subject to any penalties. Whether delinquent back taxes have occurred because of mistakes made on a tax return, unreported income, or financial difficulties, an individual or business will want to understand how to approach this situation and the steps they can take to avoid further complications or tax-related financial issues.

E. Villanueva & Associates, Inc. provides dedicated tax help in a wide variety of situations, including cases where a taxpayer owes back taxes to the IRS, the Texas Comptroller's office, or a local government. With more than three decades of experience addressing multiple different types of tax issues, including working as an agent for the IRS and as a professional tax consultant, Ed Villanueva can address concerns about unpaid taxes and help taxpayers resolve these issues successfully.

Penalties for Delinquent Taxes

Typically, when a person owes taxes to the IRS, they are required to pay the amount due when they file their annual tax return. If they do not pay the total amount due, the IRS will charge a failure-to-pay penalty. This penalty is 0.5% of the amount owed, and this penalty is applied to the balance due each month until the penalty reaches 25% of the total amount of taxes owed. Taxpayers cannot avoid paying taxes or penalties by refusing to file a tax return; if they do so, they will also face a failure-to-file penalty.

Penalties for unpaid back taxes may also arise following an IRS audit. This type of examination may find that a person or business owes taxes that were not reported on their original tax return, perhaps because of income that was not reported or improper deductions that were taken. In these cases, a taxpayer will be required to pay the amount due in full. After receiving notice from the IRS and a demand for payment, a taxpayer will have 21 days to pay, or 10 days if the amount due is at least $100,000.

While taxpayers are required to pay back taxes that they owe, they may be eligible for relief from penalties if they can show reasonable cause for why they were originally unable to pay. Valid reasons may include fires, natural disasters, or other forms of damage to a taxpayer's property, as well as injuries, incapacitation, or death that affected the taxpayer or a member of their immediate family. To qualify for this form of penalty relief, a taxpayer will need to show that they acted reasonably and prudently when attempting to fulfill their tax obligations but were unable to pay some or all of what was owed.

Failure to pay state taxes can result in similar penalties, and homeowners or property owners should also be aware that unpaid property taxes could result in a local government placing a property tax lien on their property. This will prevent them from selling or refinancing the property until the lien has been paid, and in some cases, the holder of the lien could initiate foreclosure proceedings to collect the amount owed.

Let Us Help With Delinquent Back Taxes

The Tax Liability Consultants of San Antonio and South Texas can provide the help you need when addressing back taxes with the IRS, the state of Texas, or a local government. In addition to helping you avoid penalties, we will work with you to determine whether you can set up an installment agreement, pay less than the total amount owed through an offer in compromise, or receive innocent spouse relief for back taxes following a divorce. To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact our office by calling 210-382-9015. Our Enrolled Tax Agent provides tax help throughout all of South Texas, including San Antonio and Corpus Christi.

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