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San Antonio Small Business Accounting Services

San Antonio business accounting consultant

Tax Agent Providing Accounting Services to Businesses in South Texas

Businesses need to consider a wide variety of variables when managing financial issues, and mistakes in these areas can lead to many types of problems, including IRS tax audits and potential penalties for failure to pay back taxes. Businesses that are struggling to get their books in order or address financial discrepancies may need assistance in these areas, but even a business that is operating smoothly can benefit by working with a professional consultant.

At E. Villanueva & Associates, Inc., we provide accounting services and tax help for businesses of all sizes and types. Mr. Villanueva has been working with individuals and businesses for more than 35 years, helping them address financial concerns and tax issues. As a business owner himself, he can provide invaluable guidance on how to resolve existing financial issues and avoid problems in the future, while ensuring that a business has the tools to succeed in the marketplace.

Business Accounting Services

Every company is unique, and this means that there is no "one size fits all" solution for business accounting. We provide customized solutions to meet a business's needs. Our services include:

  • Bookkeeping - We can ensure that a business keeps proper records of all financial transactions and provides the required financial statements. In addition to helping set up software that will allow a business to track income and expenses, we can help uncover any errors that were made in the past and ensure that they are addressed correctly.
  • Account reconciliation - To ensure that financial statements are accurate and provide owners with an understanding of a business's financial situation, we can review internal company records and compare them with external information such as bank statements and balance sheets. This can help uncover any accounting errors, verify that all records are accurate, and ensure that a company is in compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Cash flow management - By creating accurate short-term and long-term cash flow projections and providing an understanding of ongoing expenses, we can help a business ensure that it will be able to meet its cash needs. In addition to covering regular costs, a business may need to address additional cash needs, and we can help owners understand when these needs may occur and the sources of income or financing that may be available for meeting these needs.
  • Payroll - A company will need to maintain accurate records of wages and benefits paid to employees while also withholding and paying all applicable payroll taxes. We can assist in setting up the processing of paychecks and direct deposits, while also ensuring that all tax forms are prepared and filed correctly. We can also advise employers on their options for providing benefits packages that include medical insurance, retirement plans, life insurance, and disability.
  • Tax return preparation - We can ensure that all federal and state tax returns for a business are prepared and filed properly, while also advising business owners on the deductions they can take and their options for paying taxes that are owed. We also provide tax planning services to help business owners determine the best ways to address profits and losses in different tax years and minimize the amount of taxes they will be required to pay.

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Whether you need to resolve financial issues for your business or want to make sure you are putting the right measures in place to help you achieve your business goals, E. Villanueva & Associates, Inc. can provide the help you need. Our business accounting services will provide you with cost-effective solutions that will allow you to continue operating your business successfully for years to come. Contact us today at 210-382-9015 to set up a complimentary consultation. We provide accounting and tax services to businesses in the areas around Corpus Christi, The Alamo City, San Antonio, and South Texas.

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