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Case Examples and Results

Case Examples and Results

IRS Tax Relief for Innocent Spouse

A divorcee retained my services to assist with an innocent spouse claim, as she was previously denied by IRS. The IRS's decision was overturned on appeal submitted by our firm.

This decision relieved our client of just over $1,000,000.00 of federal tax liability that IRS contended was hers. My firm vigorously represented our client with a formidable defense and won. To date, our client continues to come to my office year after year for tax return preparation.

Case Examples and Results

Non-payment of Employment Taxes

A business owner retained our services to assist in keeping IRS from closing its doors due to non-payment of employment taxes. Our firm got involved and worked out a viable payment arrangement with IRS's blessing, and the business owner continues to operate their business as usual.

The business owner is now an accounting client, as they wish to stay out of trouble with respect to timely payment of their taxes. Our firm was able to partner the business owner with a banker in order to obtain a business line of credit to carry them through slow periods of cash flow rather than use the government's money.

Case Examples and Results

Five Years of Not Filing Taxes

An individual retained our services to assist in catching them up on five years of unfiled tax returns. By obtaining information from the IRS and working with client-provided records, we were able to accurately prepare and file required returns. Post filing, we were able arrange an installment agreement to pay the balance of taxes due, and we got the IRS to waive certain penalties due to client's health condition.

Case Examples and Results

IRS Recommended Assessments Defense

A client came into our office with IRS-recommended tax assessments not allowing business expenses. Under the IRS code, the IRS can and will file returns on your behalf under certain circumstances.


Taxpayers have a right to prepare a return to the best of their ability and replace overstated assessments previously rendered by IRS at any time. Upon filing accurate returns, the client's liability was dramatically reduced to a much more manageable level. The client's tax obligation was originally at $265,000 +/- and was reduced to only $19,000. The client paid off their debt and remains a client to this day.

Case Examples and Results

Offer In Compromise Saves House and Assets

A retired attorney owed the IRS $2.5 million in old tax debt. Both he and his wife became very ill and did not want to lose their home and retirement. Our firm negotiated with IRS and saved their home and other assets under a program known as an Offer in Compromise on the basis of effective tax administration. The IRS cannot force you to do certain things when your earnings potential has diminished and your health has been negatively impacted.

Notice: These are some of the cases we have handled in our office. Each case has its own facts and circumstances, so outcomes will vary and cannot be guaranteed.

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